For a really stunning bread pud…………try this 




454 gms Bread blitzed in a food processor or chopped into tiny pieces.

1Pint Milk

112 gms  Butter

170 gms brown sugar.

4 teaspoons mixed spice

2 eggs

340 gms mixed fruit

1/2 Tea spoons nutmeg

Rind of 1 orange grated

 ½ a teaspoon ground ginger



Preheat oven to 350 degrees


Grease a baking tray / cake tin, spring-form is best

Blitz bread in food processor

Pour in milk pulse a couple of times, leave to soak for 5 mins

Turn out into a mixing bowl

Add melted butter

Add sugar, spices, and eggs

Beat  with a wooden spoon until no lumps remain

Pour into a greased cake tin

Spring form is easiest

Bake for apporox 1 hour 15 mins or until internal temp has reached 75deg c

  Serve hot or cold.


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