Chicken in an Afghan Style

                    Garlic and Yoghurt Marinade.

If you like garlic chicken you will love this

(Just a word of caution do not add extra lemon as it will throw the balance of the dish out)


Ingredients    (Serves 6) 

 2                Large cloves of garlic

1/2             Teaspoon of Salt

1                Pint of plain yoghurt

1                Large lemon.  (juice and pulp) 

1/2             Teaspoon cracked black pepper

6                Half chicken breasts boned.




Long slow marinating in the garlic and yoghurt tenderises, moistens, and adds deep flavour,

the finished dish ends up with skinless grilled chicken that is not only delicious, but is also

nutritionally correct.

Crush the garlic add the salt and grind to a paste with the edge of a wide blade knife.

Put the garlic/salt paste into a bowl and add the yoghurt lemon and pepper.

 Skin the chicken breasts, remove all visible fat and separate the two halves.

 Add to yoghurt mixture ensuring that the breasts are well coated.

Cover bowl with cling film and place in fridge, allow to marinate at least overnight

but up to a day and a half.

 Turn the chicken several times ensuring that all pieces remain coated.


To Cook 

 Remove the breasts from marinade and wipe off all but a thin film and place under grill  for

approx. 6 -8 minutes a side or until thoroughly cooked.

Meat will brown, but do not allow to char.


To Serve 

 Serve with Pitta or Arab flatbread with fresh yoghurt and a side salad, or on a bed of mixed

savory rice and vegetables with a salad garnish.


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