A Warm welcome Tony's Food Blog

I am passionate about food of all types (see my waiste line),

and decided to build this site in order to share recipes, tips and

information with all who are interested.

Here are a few details about myself, I have now retired and cooking is a

hobby rather than an occupation.

I like to experiment, and find the internet a fantastic source of

information, and have received a lot of inspiration therefrom.

Thanks to the above I have finally got round to doing things that I never

found time to do whilst working. Curing ham and bacon, making pastrami,

sausages and butter.

Whilst working we used to make bread rolls, but the mix came in the

form of a 12.5 kilo bag powder from Wrights, and whilst the results

were excellent the satisfaction just was not there.

I hope you enjoy browsing around my site, and find at least some of the

information herein usefull.

Please use the links above to browse around the site.

Warmest Regards

Tony B



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