In May of 2010, Tesco's had 600ml tubs of double cream on special offer at only £1 each, I decided that this would be a good time to try my hand at butter making.

I purchased 6 tubs and got out my trusty old Kenwood food mixer,

After sterilising the whisk, beater blade and stainless steel bowl, I emptied all six of the cartons of cream into it, and using the baloon whisk, began to slowly whip it.

As it started to thicken I changed the balloon whisk for the K beater, and covered the bowl with the plastic cover that came with it, as I had heard that as the butter starts to form, the butter milk separates from the cream, and tends to slosh about a bit.

I continued mixing and eventually I could see and hear the buttermilk sloshing about.

I stopped the mixer, on removing the cover this is what I found


The process gets a bit hands on from here as the butter has to be washed in cold water to remove the remainder of the butter milk,

I cut it from the beater blade, sat it on a large tray to drain.

I then cut it into 150gm  (approx) chunks and rinsed them under the cold tap, gently squeezing slightly as I did.

Each of these chunks were then patted dry with kitchen towel and roughly moulded to the required shape and put into the fridge to cool .

15 mins later each piece of butter was rolled to shape and wrapped in clingfilm ready for the freezer.

From the six cartons of cream I got almost a kilo of butter and about 3/4 of a pint of buttermilk.

It is the best butter I've tasted in a long while, it can be salted to taste during the churning stage, but I like to put it on new bread and sprinkle it with coarse sea salt and a little cracked black pepper  (is it any wonder I am on cholesterol tablets)

This can also be made in a food processor in smaller batches.

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